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Colored Gemstone Dealer in Atlanta | Atlanta Colored Gemstone Dealer

Colored Gemstone Dealer

Colored Gemstones from Colored Gemstones Dealer in Atlanta.

Tom Ross in Atlanta, has assembled an international network of colored gemstone cutters and colored gemstone suppliers to provide you with a wide selection of polished gemstones from which to choose . . . sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and much, much more.

Colored Gemstones are found all over this Earth that we share. Often, our suppliers have traveled directly to the colored gemstone mines and know the mine owners personally.  In addition, we buy directly from major overseas colored gemstone dealers.  This means we can provide you with the best of the finest and rarest colored gemstones in Atlanta.

With credentials from two of the most respected diploma issuing institutions in the world, we teach and show you the differences between colored gemstones.  One of the best things about the time you spend with us is that the things we teach and show you . . . you will actually be able to see with your own two eyes.  You will no longer have to depend on what someone tells you . . . you will know exactly what you are looking for and exactly what you have received.  You will experience and enjoy the feeling of a great personal confidence in your ability to choose a beautiful colored gemstone wisely.

Colored Gemstone Collection - The Ross Jewelry Company

Additionally, we believe very strongly in a no stress, no pressure atmosphere. If you are the one shopping for a ruby, emerald or sapphire, or any other colored gemstone, the experience may already be stressful enough.  For that reason, we do not "sell" . . . rather, we listen to your needs and help you decide why one beautiful colored gemstone might be better than another.

To see some of the other pieces we've created with remarkable gemstones, please use the following link.

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To discover other gemstone possibilities, please visit our "Colored Gemstones Assortment" page to learn more about your favorite gemstone and discover why Tom Ross is an Atlanta authority on colored gemstones.

Thomas A. Ross | Custom Jewelry Designer - Learn About Diamonds and Colored Gemstones | By Appointment
We are proud to hold diplomas from or associations with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations.

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