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Tom Ross and Amy Ross - The Ross Jewelry Company
Tom Ross with his wife Amy . . . in their Buckhead office.

Thomas A. (Tom) Ross is a custom jewelry designer based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Before retirement, our company was sustained by a loyal client base, referrals, and those who discovered us in different ways.  If you have just discovered us, we believe you will be very pleased with our level of experience and warm manner.  You are invited to contact Tom with any jewelry related questions.

We have a proud heritage in the fine jewelry and luxury goods industries that spans more than a half century.  Offering world class jewelry, we were a small custom design company committed to the jewelry art, excellence, and are unyielding in maintaining the highest standards of the fine jewelry industry.  We brought sincere warmth to your jewelry buying experience and were unusually devoted to our customers and their satisfaction . . . regardless of the item or purchase price.  Our goal was to develop lifetime relationships with each of our customers. And, those relationships continue to exist today.

After serving as Vice President of his family's small retail manufacturing jewelry company for thirteen years, Tom sought to refine his jewelry skills and knowledge of the jewelry industry in a larger arena.  The family company, originally founded by his father, Paul A. Ross, traces its roots in the jewelry industry back to 1944.  Tom credits his father, his Italian heritage, and the family business for providing him with the warm rich creative environment necessary to develop his skills as an industry wise jeweler.  Later, his executive positions with major nationally and internationally recognized jewelry companies developed and polished his knowledge and artistic skills in the international arena.

For several years, Tom served as a vice president with internationally renowned Tiffany & Company where he hosted world famous actress Audrey Hepburn at a "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Miss Hepburn left him with keepsakes and memories he will cherish for a lifetime.  After his time at Tiffany & Company, Tom served as the Director of H. Stern's international flagship store located on Fifth Avenue in New York City.   In addition to these high profile positions, Tom has also been responsible for multiple divisions of stores with locations in Beverly Hills, West Palm Beach, and Palm Springs.  It is unlikely that you will encounter anyone with the breadth of his experience within the jewelry industry.

To say Tom Ross is experienced is an understatement.  Tom is one of the few jewelry company owners who is trained in the art of jewelry design at university level.  Due to his background and level of experience, he has been invited to discuss fine jewelry, luxury goods and various aspects of the jewelry industry on CNN, CNBC, NBC, and ABC Television as well as "Talk" radio.  He has also been quoted in Delta Air Lines' "Sky" magazine and appeared with Amy in "Town & Country" magazine as well as other newspapers and magazines.  While these opportunities were all very exciting, Tom says his greatest pleasure comes from answering questions from those trying to learn enough to shop intelligently as well as students and others hoping to find a place in the industry.  Discussing his heritage, he laughingly claims that he feels quite sure that his family roots can be traced back to the ancient Etruscans, who are famous for their inticate craftsmanship in the art of jewelry making.  His relaxed clear manner makes it all very easy to understand.  Tom has been quoted as saying, ". . . this (buying a piece of jewelry) isn't rocket science, all the customer really needs is someone who will take the time to explain the subject in non-technical terms.

Registered Jewelers Bootcamp | During service as an officer in the United States Army Special Forces, an elite Special Operations unit also known as the "Green Berets", Tom was required to undergo an in depth personal background search.   Since a "Top Secret" security clearance was a prerequisite for the position he would hold, it was necessary that his loyalty, honesty, and integrity be absolutely unquestioned.  These qualities and values remain as strong now as then and have carried into Tom's current industry profession as a Registered Jeweler.

Tested as a young Lieutenant in South Vietnam, Tom was inspired by the brave and unselfish deeds of fellow American men and women he encountered during his assignment with 5th Special Forces Detachment A-502.  As a result, he has documented those courageous deeds in his book published in 2004.  The book, which is available through many sources, is titled . . . Privileges of War.  To visit the book's website, please click on the book's cover and ensure your speakers are turned on if you visit the Narrative page.

Click on the following link to learn more about a real Special Forces Detachment: Special Forces Detachment A-502

Click on the following link to learn more about the book and view a CBS TV news report on the rescue: Rescue in the Valley of the Tigers

Ultimately earning the rank of Major in the Special Forces, Tom left military service to pursue a career with his family in the jewelry industry.  Having earned two separate Bachelor's degrees and a Master's degree, he began to develop important jewelry related skills and his quest for the Registered Jeweler title.   After taking additional jewelry courses at university level, he also earned diplomas from both the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS).

Amy Ross, who has been at Tom's side for nearly 40 years, has developed her own contacts, knowledge, and skills within the jewelry industry.  She buys our gold and silver jewelry as well as our gift collections.  Her Marketing Degree, earned at Auburn University, and her experience with Tom throughout the years has helped form and focus the company's marketing strategy, planning, and business efforts.

Extremely dedicated to family, friends, and community, Amy brings a warm woman's perspective to this "user friendly" jewelry company and our product selections.  If you need something unique in fine jewelry for someone special . . . Amy will help you find it.  She is a wonderful source when you need help selecting a personal gift or corporate gifts . . . so, please don't hesitate to ask her for assistance or if you simply want a "second opinion."

You are invited to contact Tom or Amy with any questions about diamonds, colored gemstones, custom jewelry design, or comments about this educational website.

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We are proud to hold diplomas from or associations with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations.

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