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"Rescue in the Valley of the Tigers" by Thomas A. Ross was published in December, 2020 and represents the second edition of PART II of his first book "Privileges of War."

Part II of that book told the story of a daring rescue mission that freed the men, women, and children of a remote mountain village from a life of slavery and abuse. "Rescue in the Valley of the Tigers" updates the original story and includes new chapters and more detail about the mission and those involved. This new book includes over one hundred new pictures that make it possible for the reader to see many of the people and places discussed in the book. And, it includes pictures of some of the freed villagers, among them was a child born the day before the recue team arrived and a woman in her eighties.

In 1968, Tom Ross arrived in South Vietnam during the infamous TET offensive, the height of the unpopular war. And, remarkably, he arrived with the hope of accomplishing something meaningful during his tour of duty as a military adviser with the 5th Special Forces Group, the elite unit as known as the "Green Berets." "Rescue in the Valley of the Tigers" explains how Tom was encouraged to tell his unique story and those who made it possible for him to fulfill his hope of making his time in Vietnam worthwhile.

If you know someone who served our country during the Vietnam War, this is a book you will want to share with that person. It is an inspirational firsthand account of some of the courageous and selfless deeds performed by the men and women who served or fought an unpopular war. And, if you enjoy this book, pleasec consider reading "Along the Way" - the companion book to this one.

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