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Tourmaline Gemstones in Atlanta

Tourmaline Gemstones at The Ross Jewelry Company in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tourmaline is generally thought of as green, but can be almost any color, indeed some Tourmalines display two or more colors within the same crystal. Because of the naturally occurring shape, tourmalines are often cut as long baguettes, emerald cuts, or ovals. Large size Tourmalines are more relatively common compared with other gemstones, so they are ideal for large jewelry pieces. As with all gemstones, the most attractive colors and qualities are more expensive than lower qualities, and large desirable pieces are not inexpensive.

As it is found in all spectrums of color, Tourmaline is often described as the "chameleon gemstone". It is not surprising to find a fine tourmaline that mirrors the exact semblance of other gemstones, such as emerald, ruby and sapphire. Some tourmaline crystals may even appear as crystallized rainbows with several bands of color, ranging from the most brilliant red to the deepest blue. Many refer to tourmaline as the "muses' stone", for they believe that its imaginative colors contain inspirational powers which enable the mind of its beholder to bring forth illimitable vision and creativity.

Blue-green bi-color Tourmaline
Bright yellow-green Tourmaline
Orange-Peach color Tourmaline
Rare rich red Tourmaline
Tourmaline exists in more colors than any other gemstone. The most common color is a dark green, but bright green chrome Tourmalines are seen, as are blue, red, pink, orange, yellow, colorless, brown, violet and black. Strongly colored pink Tourmaline is sometimes called Rubellite (see the separate listing for Rubellite).

Deep violet-yellow bi-color Tourmaline
Bi-color 'Watermelon' Tourmaline
Bright orange color Tourmaline
Rare neon blue Paraiba Tourmaline

Chatoyancy or chatoyance, literally from French means cat's eye. Seen best in cat's eye Chrysoberyl, but also found in a few other gemstones including Tourmaline.

Similar to the evaluation of other precious stones, the intensity of color and the clarity of the gemstone are the most important considerations. Green chrome and Paraiba Tourmalines are the most expensive color varieties, due to their spectacular beauty and rarity. Fine Rubellites and multi-color stones will command moderate to high prices depending on the intensity of their color and the existence of eye visible inclusions.

Technical Characteristics

Chemical Composition: Complex Aluminium Borosilicate
Hardness: 7.0 - 7.5
Specific Gravity: 3.02 - 3.26
Refractive Index (R.I.): 1.616 - 1.634 to 1.630 - 1.652
Bi-refringence: 0.014 to 0.021
Optic Sign: Negative
Optical Character: Uniaxial
Crystal Structure: Trigonal

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