Dedicated to all members of the Allied Forces who served their countries honorably.

THE RESCUE TEAM  |  Ole' Entertainment is very pleased and proud to introduce the team responsible fo making "THE RESCUE " — an exciting film
that reveals the true character of those who served their countries with courage and honor during the Vietnam War.  This is a story yet to be told.

Chau Nguyen
THE RESCUE TEAM  |  Chau H. Nguyen — Executive Producer

Tom Ross
THE RESCUE TEAM  |  Tom Ross — Author — Producer
The Story

Michael Lucker
THE RESCUE TEAM  |  Michael Lucker — Writer
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Carmen Cabana
THE RESCUE TEAM  |  Carmen Cabana — Director & DP
Carmen Cabana - More

The Rescue . . . Coming to a theater near you.

1st Lt Tom Ross     Privileges of War     Major Ngoc Nguyen
THE RESCUE is based on the book "Privileges of War" by Thomas A. Ross
and outlines his exploits with Major Ngoc Nguyen.
The Rescue

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