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Temi B Pearl Designs in Atlanta
Temi B Pearls in Atlanta

Temi B Pearl Designs are available in Atlanta at The Ross Jewelry Company.

Temi B Pearl Designs: Temi Monderer - "Temi B" has been supplying us with some of our finest and most beautifully designed pearl pieces for nearly ten years.  Based in California and having had showrooms in Beverly Hills, Temi has been at the leading edge of world class fashion design.  The Ross Jewelry Company is very proud to feature the pearl designs of Temi Monderer and some of the pieces from her Temi B Pearl Design Collection.

Temi B Pearl Designs:  Temi's featured pieces include beautiful South Sea pearls in a lovely range of colors.  From rich golded South Seas to lustrous silver and black Tahitian pearls.  All of Temi's pieces are practical and wearable designs.  According to Temi, "The idea behind this collection was to to reinvent the boring or classical pearl choker into a new pearl and chain look keeping it as a multcolor South Sea necklace at a reasonable price."

Temi B Pearl Designs:  Temi is a warm, easy-to-work-with supplier who enjoys what she does and will gladly create a necklace or any other piece of pearl jewelry to your specific design requirements.  So, please contact us if you want something unique in a South Sea Pearl Necklace.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with a question about Temi Monderer or the Temi B Pearl Designs and . . . click below to see more pieces from Temi B's collection of beautiful South Sea Pearls.

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