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Rolex Watch Diamond Bezels in Atlanta | Atlanta Rolex Watch Diamond Bezel Dealer

Diamond Bezels for Rolex Watches in Atlanta

Diamond Bezels and Custom Watch Bezels for Rolex Watches in Atlanta: We offer a fine selection of Diamond Bezels for Rolex Watches and Custom watch Bezels for your prized gold, gold & steel, or steel Rolex Watch.  We also refinish Rolex Watches and damaged Rolex Bezels. Please call The Ross Jewelry Company in Atlanta, Georgia for more information.

There are Important Things to Know about Changing Rolex Accessories

Important Watch Accessory Change Note:  There are some imortant things you need to know prior to making changes to your Rolex watch.   First, each Rolex watch has both a Serial Number that indicates the year of manufacture as well as a Model Number, which indicates exactly how Rolex manufactured that watch. Second, in the case of many watch manufacturers and in the case of Rolex in particular, changing parts such as bands, bezels, crystal type, hands, and dials can void factory warranties and/or guarantees.  Additionally, many watch manufacturers and, again, Rolex in particular, may refuse to repair or accept in trade any of their watch products that have been altered in any way.  We provide this information, not to influence you one way or the other, but . . . so that you can make an informed decision regarding any changes you may want to make to your watch.

Manufacturer Policies:  This manufacturer policy upsets many individuals who don't understand why they can't change the appearance of their watches.  For example, one of the most common changes to a men's or women's Rolex watch is the addition of either or both a diamond bezel or diamond dial.  While this policy may be upsetting, manufacturers feel that changing the style or appearance violates the integrity of the watch as it was originally manufactured.  This policy is particularly true in the case of the Rolex Watch Company.

Making Changes:  Quite frankly, we understand and respect both sides this issue.  For that reason, we simply take a neutral position related to manufacturer policies vs consumer desires. The truth is that individuals are requesting and changes are being made to Rolex watches every day all around the world.  So, when we are asked, "What should I do?" . . . we typically offer the following advice:  If you expect to be sending your watch to Rolex for repair or plan on trading it at some point in the future, you should first send your watch to Rolex directly or go to an authorized dealer who actually sells Rolex watches in an attempt to achieve any changes.  If your request for changes is refused, you then have two alternatives. You either, make no changes and wear the watch as it is or . . . you find a reputable jeweler or watchmaker who will make the changes you want with the understanding that Rolex my refuse to repair your watch in the future or may refuse to take it in trade.

While we understand and respect manufacturer policies, we also understand the right of a consumer to make any change they desire to a product they have purchased.  So, if you have a Rolex watch and would like to change the color of the dial, add a diamond bezel, or diamond dial . . . we offer a wide variety of options for you to consider.  And, we provide a guarantee on all of our work.  Note: With regard to crystal changes, Rolex uses both synthetic sapphire and plastic or "unbreakable" crystals on different watch models.  In the past, we have been asked to change from one to the other for different reasons.  Some customers who have plastic want sapphire because it doesn't scratch as easily and some who are replacing a sapphire crystal ask for plastic simply because it is much less expensive.  Our recommenation is to replace the crystal with the crystal type that was originally placed on the watch by Rolex and that is exactly what we do unless directed differently by our customer.  It sometimes occurs that customers have had their crystal replaced somewhere else and had a different crystal type installed than the original and they want the same type installed this time.  Regardless of your individual request, we will replace your crystal with a genuine Rolex crystal.

Watch Accessory Guarantee:  At our customer's request, we will change bands, bezels, hands, and dials.  While bands and bezels may wear under normal use, dials and hands are guaranteed not to chip or discolor for the life of the watch, provided the chipping and discoloration are not due to damage or customer negligence.  Note: Dials may be genuine or after market, depending on availability, and are sold only in exchange for the dial currently on the watch.  Credit for your old dial is calculated into the price of your new dial, which excites most of our customers since they have no use for their old dial.  Almost all diamond bezels are after market due simply to the lack of availablity of genuine bezels.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding watch accessories.

Rolex Watch Repair Atlanta

We also offer expert Rolex Watch Repair and routine Rolex Watch Servicing on new, pre-owned, or vintage Rolex Watches.  Our Rolex Watch Repair Service includes a One Year Guarantee on all service performed on your prized Rolex Watch.  Rolex is respected name in the world of watches . . . we strive to surpass the "stardard".  Our watchmaker is CW 21 Certified.  There are only approximately 130 CW 21 Certified Watchmakers in the United States.  Please visit or Rolex Watch Repair or Fine Watch Repair pages to learn the significance of the CW 21 Certification.

The Ross Jewelry Company
The Ross Jewelry Company - 3490 Piedmont Road NE, Suite 120 - Atlanta, Georgia - (404) 495-3720
The Ross Jewelry Company is an independent company and is not affiliated with any watch manufacturer or distributor.
Rolex is a registered trademark of Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc.

We are proud to hold diplomas from or associations with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations.

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