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"Privileges of War" by Thomas A. Ross was published in August, 2004 and is a first edition book that tells true uplifting stories of America service in South Vietnam.

PART I of the book shines a light on some of the many courageous and selfless deeds of American men and women as witnessed through the eyes of a young Special Forces Officer.

While serving his country with the 5th Special Forces Group, the elite unit as known as the "Green Berets," Lieutenant Tom Ross met and was supported by many others who were also serving their country. The stories told here are not the typical ones you hear about those who spent time in Southeast Asia.

PART II of the book shares the bright but little known true story of a daring rescue mission. This dangerous mission took Lieutenant Ross and his rescue team deep into enemy terrirory in an effort to free a village of Montagnard tribesmen from years of slavery and abuse. Team members risked their lives for those of families held captive in the Valley of the Tigers.

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