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Private Jeweler Atlanta | The Ross Jewelry Company is a "Personal Jeweler" located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia.  If you are considering a jewelry purchase and plan to visit jewelers in Atlanta, it is important to know the answer to the question above.

Private Jewelers in Atlanta . . . does the description below describe your Atlanta Jeweler?

Atlanta Private Jeweler | Your "Private Jeweler" should also be a Personal Jeweler. A Personal Jeweler is always glad to see you, even when you're just stopping by to have your jewelry checked, cleaned or repaired.  If your visit is to have something cleaned, he'll do it for you while you wait.   If your visit is to have something repaired and it's minor, he'll also do it for you while you wait and . . . he'll do it at no charge.

Private Jeweler in Atlanta | When the time comes for a purchase, a "Personal Jeweler" will describe ALL of your options.  He or she will show you the least expensive alternative . . . not just the most expensive.

A "Personal Jeweler" will not "sell" you.  Rather, he will listen to your needs and do his very best to match them perfectly.  He will explain and show you any differences in the pieces your are considering.  In all cases, he will coach you with your interests and goals in mind.  He will answer ALL of your questions clearly and honesty .  He does this because he values a continuing relationship and your complete satisfaction far more than a one time purchase.  Ultimately, he will take the time to help you find exactly what you're looking for . . . whether it's less than $50.00 or more than $150,000.00.

Private Jeweler Atlanta | A "Personal Jeweler" is someone with the experience and expertise to help you select a piece of jewelry, while giving you the confidence to know that you bought it at the very best price.  The success of a "Personal Jeweler" depends on a long-term relationship, not simply a single sale.  That's why his service must be honest, warm, and sincere.  He is someone you can relax with, enjoy . . . and trust.

If this description doesn't describe your Atlanta jeweler or the store where you currently shop, please come visit Atlanta jewelers, The Ross Jewelry Company.  We invite the opportunity to earn the trust and confidence necessary to become your "Personal Jeweler."

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The Ross Jewelry Company - 3490 Piedmont Road NE (One Securities Centre), Suite 120 - Atlanta, Georgia 30305 - (404) 495-3720
We are proud to hold diplomas from or associations with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations.

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