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Cultured Pearls in Atlanta | Cultured Pearl Earrings | Cultured Pearl Studs

Pearls | Cultured Pearls | South Sea Pearls | Tahitian Pearls |   As with most of our offerings, The Ross Jewelry Company in Atlanta, Georgia has assembled an exciting international network of pearl suppliers.  Among our many pearl sources is one of the largest pearl importers in the United States.  Because our network ranges from saltwater cultured pearl farms in Japan and the warm South Seas to freshwater pearl farms right here in the United States, we can provide you with a vast array of both loose pearls and pearl strands in a wide rage of prices.  We have provided our customers with pearl strands from just a few hundred dollars to magnificent South Sea pearls at more than a hundred thousand dollars.

Pearl Expert | With credentials from two of the most respected diploma issuing institutions in the world coupled with years of experience, we teach and show you the differences between pearls.  As with diamonds, one of the best things about the time you spend with us is that the things we teach and show you . . . you will actually be able to see with your own two eyes.  You will no longer have to depend on what someone tells you . . . you will know exactly what you are looking for and exactly what you have received.  You will experience and enjoy the feeling of a great personal confidence in your ability to choose pearls wisely.

Equally important, we believe very strongly in a no stress, no pressure atmosphere.  For that reason, we do not "sell" . . . rather, we listen to your needs and help you decide why one choice might be better than another.

We believe you will enjoy your visit at The Ross Jewelry Company for many reasons, but we think you will be most excited by our prices.  Whether you are looking for cultured pearl strands, pearl earrings, black Tahitian pearls, Golden South Sea pearls, stud earrings with fresh water pink pearls or a very large South Sea pearl strands, we are dedicated to helping you get it at a price . . . that will delight the heart.

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The Ross Jewelry Company
The Ross Jewelry Company - 3490 Piedmont Road NE (One Securities Centre), Suite 120 - Atlanta, Georgia 30305 - (404) 495-3720
We are proud to hold diplomas from or associations with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations.

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