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Loose Rubies in Atlanta | Atlanta Ruby Dealer

Loose Rubies Atlanta | Loose Ruby Gemstones in virtually any range of color, grade, and price range are available Tom Ross in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Loose Rubies | If you're looking for a beautiful Ruby in Atlanta . . . you've found your source.

Loose Rubies Atlanta |  Rubies are a gemstone variety of corundum.  Sometimes referred to as the "Lord of the Gems", rubies are said to protect their owners from harm and misfortune.  Many ancients believed that rubies possessed an inner flame that burned eternally.  Based on the vivid shimmering red color in some of the rubies we've sold, it is very clear to us how the ancients arrived at this belief.

Atlanta Loose Ruby Suppliers |  In addition to our own custom-made pieces, our suppliers and manufactures offer some of the finest rubies available anywhere in the world.  Simply describe what you want and we will arrange to show you a beautiful selection from which to choose.

Loose Rubies in Atlanta |  Ruby gem material is found in Burma (Burmese Rubies), Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Cambodia, Afghanistan, India, Ceylon, as well as in one of our neighboring states . . . Franklin, North Carolina.  There are many places in the United States where you can mine your own rubies and other gemstones.  Burmese rubies are considered to be some of the finest and most valuable rubies. Burmese rubies and other fine rubies are often referred to as having a deep pigeon's blood red color.

Loose Rubies at The Ross Jewelry Company

To see some of the pieces we've created with beautiful loose rubies, please use the following link.

 • Ruby Collection

You are also invited to contact Tom Ross in Atlanta with any questions about Loose Rubies or any of the Colored Gemstone varieties.

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