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Diamond and Jewelry Appraisals - The Ross Jewelry Company

Diamond, Colored Gemstone & Jewelry Appraisers in Atlanta | Thomas A. Ross in Atlanta offers warm personal service and more than 50 years experience.

Atlanta Jewelry Appraiser | Loose Diamond & Jewelry Appraisals | Estate Jewelry Appraisals | Appraisals are completed by Thomas A. (Tom) Ross, an appraiser with more than 50 years experience in the jewelry industry.  Tom holds diplomas from both the GIA, Gemological Institute of America (GIA #7587015), and AGS, the American Gem Society (AGS #209185). Additionally, he is an American Gem Society - Registered Jeweler and has served as an executive with two of the most renowned jewelry companies in the world.

Jewelry Appraisals in Atlanta | Things to Know | When seeking a diamond or jewelry appraiser, there are some basic facts you need to know in order to choose your appraiser wisely.  The following information is provided to help you in your search for an appraiser with whom you will feel both comfortable and confident.

First, you need to understand that an appraisl is an opinion as to grade and value of a loose diamond, gemstone or piece of jewelry.  You could take your item to six different appraisers and, because an appraisal is an opinion, you could be handed six honestly completed . . . but, very different appraisal documents.  So, it is important for you to know and be comfortable with both your appraiser's skill level and experience.

Next, you need to know that appraisers DO NOT remove stones from settings in order to appraise them . . . unless you specifically request that service, which will significantly increase the cost of your appraisal.  Jewelers will calculate the weight of diamonds and/or gemstones by using various gauges to measure them and will then apply formulas which with result in an estimated weight.  In many cases, stones are set in such a way that the appraiser will not be able to accurately measure the length, width and depth of a stone, measurements necessary to most accurately determine weight.    In this situation, the appraiser will take the measurements available and, after comparing them to various charts, will estimate the weight.

Judgements related to weight are also true for color/clarity grading.  Diamonds/gemstones WILL NOT be removed in order to be graded, unless specifically requested.  This is clearly a challenge to the appraiser because the setting can effect the appearance of color while prongs can obscure or completely hide flaws.  So, even the best trained, most experienced appraiser will want to take the time necessary to make his/her best judgement regarding color and clarity grades.  This is the primary reason we do not do appraisals while you wait.  Even the most basic appraisal can take Tom over an hour to complete since he also takes and includes pictures to ensure detail in his descriptions.

Note, one of the most important factors involved in your jewelry appraisal will be valuation.  You should ensure that it be a "Fair Market" (a truly fair) valuation and . . . not inflated.  An inflated appraisal will very likely be of little value beyond the cost of the paper on which it is written.  If you are insuring your item, an inflated appraisal could cost you significantly more in premiums and put extra money in the bank account of your insurance company with little or no difference in how your item will be replaced if lost or stolen.  And, if you are selling your item, an inflated appraisal could cost you a sale.  A potential buyer will want someone they know to look at the item and, if it is over-valued, they could assume you are trying to mislead them and not prceed with the purchase.

Ultimately, you need someone who can coach and guide you with regard to any appraisal.   So, you simply need to visit with anyone you are considering as your jewelry appraiser to determine skill level, experience, integrity and your personal comfort level with that individual.


Jewelry Appraisals in Atlanta | Buckhead | Please call our Buckhead office in Atlanta to schedule a "drop-off" appointment.  Typically, with Tom's current schedule, two to three days will be required to complete an appraisal.  If you need yours sooner, please mention that when you call.  And, you can be confident that your jewelry is always safe with us since it is fully insured while in our care for appraisal.  All of our diamond ring appraisals and jewelry appraisals are done as quickly as possible and at reasonable rates.  Each appraial includes two written originals with narrative description and digital scans of the item(s) described.

Jewelry Appraisers Atlanta |  We are also a "Full-Service" jeweler with over 50 years experience and the warmest personal service in Atlanta.  We explain the various types of jewelry appraisal formats and help you decide which is the most appropriate for your needs.  As noted above, having an accurate jewelry appraisal is critically important and, with diamond and gemstone prices increasing, it should include the most current pricing.  Please call us for more information on jewelry appraisals.  We service Buckhead, Midtown Atlanta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and the entire Atlanta Metro area.  We are conveniently located in Buckhead.

Thomas A. Ross | Custom Jewelry Designer - Diamond and Colored Gemstone Broker | By Appointment | (770) 380-0360
We are proud to hold diplomas from or associations with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations.

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