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Ideal Diamond Cut
Ideal Cut Diamonds

Ideal Cut Diamonds and Excellent Cut Diamonds display stunning brilliance.

In beginning this discussion, it is important to note that the American Gem Society (AGS), the European Gem Lab (EGL), and other laboratories grade the finest cut diamonds as "Ideal". The Gemological Institute of American (GIA) grades these diamonds as "Excellent" in cut grade.

Round AGS Graded brilliant cut diamonds are graded 0 - 10 in two directions, from 0 or "Ideal Cut" towards shallow cut and from 0 towards deep cut.  You should know the cut grade of your diamond . . . it makes a difference in both appearance and cost.

The graphic below traces the path of light thru the various cut diamonds so that you can see why diamond cut is important.

Ideal Cut Diamonds - Explained

When round brilliant cut diamonds are cut to deal mathematically precise proportions (the diamond in the center above - detailed below), the incredible magnificence of its unique beauty is revealed.  In an ideal cut diamond, all of the light entering from any direction is totally reflected through the top and is dispersed into a sparkling display of nature's most beautiful colors.

Hearts and Arrows cut diamonds are, essentially, ideal cut diamonds.  Because of their exacting proportions, a hearts and arrows pattern can be seen when the diamond is viewed through a small scope.  Hearts and Arrows cut diamonds come at a premium.

When a diamond is cut too shallow (the diamond on the left), light leaks out the bottom, diamond brilliance is lost and the diamond appears watery, glassy and dark.

When a diamond is cut too deep (the diamond on the right), light leaks out the bottom and, again, diamond brilliance is lost and the center of the diamond will appear dark.

As noted previously, the Ideal Cut is based on a mathematical formula designed to maximize the brilliance and extraordinary beauty of a round diamond.  Just as "D" and "flawless" denote perfect color and clarity, Ideal stands for perfection in cutting.

Because only the most highly skilled craftsmen are used, and more material must often be cut away from the rough diamond resulting in a lower yield, Ideal Cut diamonds are of greater cost and value than traditional cuts.

The Ross Jewelry Company in Atlanta proudly offers an array of the world's finest Ideal Cut diamonds and Excellent Cut diamonds . . . each graded and sold with a certificate from the GIA, AGS, EGL, or other lab.  In each case, you will decide which meets your needs the best.

Ideal Cut Diamonds - Graph

Fancy cut diamonds such as Asscher cut, Pear, Marquise, Emerald, Oval, and Heart shaped are analyzed based on length to width ratios rather than the specific angles and degrees against which round brilliant cut diamonds are evaluated. The AGS suggests the following as the appropriate length to width ratio for each of the following shapes:

Diamond Ratio

When you actually begin shopping, if the sales person helping you is unable to explain "diamond cut grade" to you so that you understand it clearly, thank them for any time spent with you . . . and leave.  If you don't know the diamond cut grade, you don't have the entire picture.

If you have any questions about diamond cut, ideal cut diamonds, diamond proportions, or diamonds in general . . . please do not hesitate to call us. We will answer each of your questions and then we will help you select a beautifully cut diamond for less than from virtually any other source . . . including the internet.

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We are proud to hold diplomas from or associations with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations.

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