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Custom-Made Georgia Jewelry

Stunning white gold, sapphire and diamond bracelet

Custom-Made Georgia Jewelry | There is nothing more special or impressive than custom-made team jewelry.  The Ross Jewelry Company creates real "Big Girl" jewelry in Georgia colors.  This is not trinket jewelry.  Each piece is individually crafted to order in your choice of 14 or 18K white or yellow gold . . . or even platinum.

Georgia Jewelry in Rubies, Black Diamonds and White Diamonds | The beautiful Georgia/UGA bracelet pictured above was created using rubies, natural black diamonds, and beautifully cut white diamond accents.  The bracelet and other pieces . . . Georgia earrings, Georgia necklaces, or Georgia rings can be made in a wide range of color patterns using natural or lab created rubies and . . . with or without white diamonds.

UGA Bracelets & Jewelry | The very best part about our custom-made bracelets is that you choose the color pattern and price range. We give you a diagram of the bracelet layout and you arrange the colors and decide how many diamonds you want to use. Or, you can leave the white diamonds out . . . you make all the decisions in the creation of your unique piece.

As noted above, we can create one of these impressive bracelets for you in a wide range of prices . . . please call or send us an email for a quote.  Or, please ask any other questions you may have about our custom-made Georgia Jewelry line.

We are proud to hold diplomas from or associations with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations.

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