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Loose Diamonds in Atlanta

Diamonds Atlanta - Search

Loose Diamonds Search Atlanta - Search

Diamonds Atlanta | Search for Loose Diamonds in Atlanta |  Thomas A. Ross in Atlanta has assembled an incomparable international network of diamond cutters and diamond suppliers to provide you with the widest selection of loose diamonds from which to choose.  Our service is extremely warm and very personal.  And, either before or after your loose diamond search is completed, we provide a custom jewelry design service to help create the perfect setting for the loose diamond you choose. But, more importantly, we offer our loose diamonds at the very best prices available from virtually any source . . . including the internet.Loose Diamonds in Atlanta

Diamonds Atlanta |Search for Diamonds in Atlanta |  We carry GIA (Gemological Institute of America), AGS (American Gem Society), EGL (European Gem Lab) and IGI (International Gem Institute) certificated loose diamonds as well as uncertified loose diamonds.  We take all the time required to explain the differences between GIA, AGS, EGL, or IGI diamond certificates and reasons for considering any one of these options. We also offer "coaching" whether you purchase your loose diamond from us or from someone else.  It is our intention to develop relationships and confidence that will endure for a lifetime.   It is also our goal to provide you with the very best loose diamond at the very best price . . . regardless of your price range. To insure your confidence and comfort, every loose diamond we sell comes with a "money back" guarantee.

Diamonds Atlanta |  Through our vast resources, you will have access to a virtually limitless selection of loose diamonds.  We not only provide you with complete diamond certificate information . . . but, we also explain exactly what each diamond certificate item means. Equally important, we will tell you how each factor effects the appearance of each loose diamond . . . and its price.

Search for Diamonds in Atlanta |  All of our loose diamond searches are customized to your individual needs.  Our goal is always to provide you with the very best price, regardless of your price range or budget.  Since we have access to hundreds of diamond cutters and diamond suppliers, we can offer more diamond grades and pricing alternatives than you might imagine.  A single search tool like those found in many places on the internet are extremely limiting and can only provide a small percentage of diamonds available in the global marketplace.

We do not sell loose diamonds via the internet.  There are many reasons, but one of the most important is that you simply cannot see what your buying and grading information isn't always enough to buy a diamond intelligently.

Search for a Loose Diamond in Atlanta . . . Now |   To find a beautiful diamond of any size, please call or visit and give us your personal guidelines.  We will be pleased to search our multiple databases for the closest matches and provide you with the results.  We are proud to offer you access to more loose diamonds than virtually any source in Atlanta or any internet diamond search tool.  You can search one of our data bases by entering your personal search criteria below.  If you find something you like, please call or emall us for pricing.

Loose Diamonds in Atlanta

Our searches are warm and personal with absolutely no obligation.  Call or email us and discover a real difference.

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