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Colored Diamonds - Color Grades

Diamond Rings with the best diamond color grade will be the most beautiful, provided other factors are equal.

Diamond Ring Color Scale

"D" color grade diamonds are Colorless and present Mother Nature's spectrum of colors as true as the human eye is ever likely to view them.  E & F diamond color grades are also considered Colorless and nearly as dazzling in their demonstration of a diamond's unequaled magnificence.  Diamond rings with stones of these color grades will be absolutely stunning.

Typically, G, H, and I, which are Near Colorless, color grades, offer the best value in diamond color for every dollar you have to spend.  And, make no mistake, they are also absolutely beautiful diamonds.  At J color, which is also classed as Near Colorless, we have found that even untrained eyes often detect a presence of color in diamonds.  However, a well cut J can be quite lovely and appear whiter color grade than normal.  From K down, almost everyone is aware of the presence of color.

Concentrated diamond color is not necessarily a bad thing.  The concentration of color in fancy color diamonds such as pink diamonds, blue diamonds, red diamonds , purple diamonds, and green diamonds makes them extremely rare and extremely expensive.  The magnificent blue Hope Diamond (pictured above) is a beautiful example of these rare and extremely expensive diamonds.  The Hope Diamond is a large diamond and more than an expensive . . . it is priceless. Currently, it can be seen in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.

Regardless of which diamond you choose, it is important to note that . . . you should be the decision maker regarding its selection.  If you find an L color that is beautiful to you and you believe it is perfect for your diamond ring . . . buy it and enjoy it.  It will bring you pleasure and will sparkle for many life times.

If you have any questions about diamond color grades, fancy color diamonds, or diamonds in general . . . please do not hesitate to call Tom Ross directly.

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