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Learn How to Buy a Diamond with Confidence

Atlanta Diamonds - Buying Formula

How to Buy Diamonds in Atlanta - Explained by Thomas A. Ross in easy to understand terms.

The formula for buying a diamond is as simple as a basic mathematical equation:

How to Buy Diamonds - Buying Formula

How to Buy Diamonds | What the Diamond Buying Formula and lesson above tell you is that you have great freedom when buying your diamond. You can manipulate any or all of the 5 Cs . . . in order to purchase the diamond that best meets your needs with regard to both grade and price.   And, we show you exactly how it's done.  Remember, buying a diamond doesn't require a degree in rocket science.  It only requires someone who will take the time to explain the easily understandable key factors.  Simply put . . . we teach you how to buy a diamond with confidence.

When you begin or continue the shopping, viewing, selection process, you should be aware that you take the two best tools for selecting a diamond with you . . . your own two eyes.  You should select your diamond based on differences you feel are important and can see with . . . your own two eyes.

Regardless of which grading factor or combination of factors is most important to you, if you are told there is a difference between two diamonds, you should be able to see the difference.  The fact that you may need to use a loupe or microscope to see the difference is unimportant.  What is important is the consideration that, if one diamond is more expensive than another . . . then, you should be able to see a difference equal to the difference in price.  If you are unable see a difference between the two diamonds that you feel is equal to the difference in price . . . why buy the more expensive one?

Trust what you can actually see with your own eyes . . . a skilled, reputable jeweler will be pleased to help you through the process of selecting a diamond that is perfect for you.

With the above as a foundation . . . you are ready to go back and begin exploring the Four "C's".

If you have any questions about buying a diamond in Atlanta, the Buying Formula or diamonds in general . . . please do not hesitate to call us.

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