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Atlanta Custom Jewelry Designers - Thomas A Ross

Custom Jewelry Designer in Atlanta | Tom Ross is a respected Buckhead custom jewelry designer.  Tom has often walked the streets of Florence, Italy with his wife, Amy, as if they belonged there.  As it turns out . . . they do.  Tom's original family name is DeRosa and that's certainly a name suited for the rich heritage of one of Atlanta's most unique and most experienced custom jewelry designers.

Atlanta Jewelry Designers - The Ross Jewelry Company | As much as you will appreciate his experience and skills in crafting a beautiful custom jewelry design, you will enjoy Tom's warm engaging manner even more. After spending only moments with him, you will feel as if you've known him forever.  Surely, this is the type person you want creating a custom jewelry design for you.  Tom doesn't rush the process and makes certain he can capture your vision of what you want before he puts pencil to paper.  If you aren't exactly sure what you want, he can help you with ideas that will help bring your piece to life.  Tom has been working in the jewelry industry for over 40 years, but says he feels his career as a custom jewelry designer began far back in his family's ancestry.

Custom Jewelry Designers Atlanta | Tom can trace his family's roots back to the ancient Italian city of Montagano, which is located southwest of Rome.  The artistic skills that led him to his profession as a custom jewelry designer located in Buckhead, became apparent at an early age when he first began to paint with oils.  Tom's education as a jewelry designer began and developed at a jeweler's bench in his family's store. Later, his skills continued to be refined at university level.  Even now, Tom's interest in artistic design has continued and has taken many different forms. When he was encouraged by a close friend to explore his skills as a sculptor he did just that.  If you visit the store, you can see some of his pieces on display.  You will discover that Tom will put as much time and effort into creating your custom jewelry design as he would if it were for a member of his family.

Atlanta Custom Jewelry Designers - Thomas A Ross
Atlanta's Most Unique and Respected Custom Jewelry Designer

Atlanta Custom Jewelry Designers |  So far, the things you know about Tom Ross may testify to his heritage as one of Atlanta's most experienced custom jewelry designers, but not necessarily his uniqueness as one who designs jewelry.  Well, all you need to know about him to realize how unusual it is for him to be in his profession is that Tom is also a former U.S. Army Special Forces Officer.  Special Forces is an elite military unit also known as "The Green Berets".  As a young Lieutenant, Tom led a mission deep into enemy territory within the Vietnamese jungle to rescue an entire village held captive by the enemy.  Reports of this daring rescue mission were aired on the Evening News with Walter Cronkite.  Certainly not every day that you find a former combat Green Beret designing delicate pieces of jewelry.

Atlanta Custom Jewelry Designers |  After serving in the military, Tom served as an executive with two of the world's most renowned jewelry companies, Tiffany & Company and H. Stern Jewelers.  While with these companies, he had the opportunity to visit Tiffany's design studio in New York and H. Stern's design studio in Rio de Janeiro.  Tom incorporated many of the things he learned in these studios when re-establishing his family company in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.

Custom Jewelry Designers in Atlanta |  When you visit The Ross Jewelry Company located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta you will find the warm patience everyone needs when designing a piece of custom jewelry with special meaning.  Tom Ross is a jewelry designer in Atlanta who truly understands the process and does far more than simply design jewelry.  Tom has designed and drawn one-of-a-kind custom jewelry pieces and taken them from drawing board to completed shimmering reality.  After completing a custom jewelry design, he has then carved the wax, cast the pieces in gold or platinum, personally polished the piece, and set each stone in the setting.  In every case, Tom will sit with you and help you and give you all the time required to bring life to your inspiration.  It is extremely unlikely that you will find anyone anywhere with more formal education, years of practical experience, and warm genuine interest in your custom jewelry design needs than Tom Ross. We invite you to call or visit our Buckhead showrooms . . . anytime.

Please see our Custom Jewelry Design Return Policy and please call with any questions you might have about Tom Ross or our Custom Jewelry Design services.

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Thomas A. Ross | Custom Jewelry Designer - Diamond and Colored Gemstone Broker | By Appointment | (770) 380-0360
We are proud to hold diplomas from or associations with some of the jewelry industry's most respected organizations.

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